Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Home Sweet Home

Carter has reached another major milestone!  Today, he was released from Seattle Children's Hospital.  How absolutely amazing.  Teresa, Erick, and Carter are now at home with Madison and Clinton for the first time since early January.  Carter has had major surgeries in the past and been able to return home before, but this time he goes home with the opportunity to fully recover instead of waiting for the next surgery.

While everyone is overjoyed at this major step, it is important to understand that Carter is still in the early stages of recovery and is very susceptible to illness and infection.  Teresa and Erick have undergone significant training from the experts at Seattle Children's to teach them about Carters many medications, strict timelines for administering those medications, Carter's diet requirements, and cleanliness standards for the home.  Basically they have been told that their home has to be an extension of the hospital to ensure that the has a safe and healthy recovery.  This is so serious that they had to take Madison and Clinton out of kindergarten and preschool because they can be exposed to too many risks that can be brought back to the home.  Also for this reason they are under strict restrictions on visitors to the home.  Teresa and Erick know that so many friends and family want to see Carter, but please know they have to be very protective of him and his fragile health at this point.

As always, your support has been a true sense of strength for the entire family!  Thank you so much for all of your continued prayers and support.

Also, as a reminder, we are still auctioning off handmade baby clothes from  Please see the blog entry from February 27th for more information on the auction and photos of the clothes that are being auctioned off to support the Carter Fund.

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