Friday, February 3, 2012

Heart Awareness Day

Today is National Heart Awareness Day.  Teresa and Erick have received pictures of family and friends from all over wearing red to support Carter and his cousin Ilijah who were both born with a Congenital Heart Disease.  They have received pictures of Carter's newest cousin Willis in Red and even Steph and Josh from Australia are wearing red today!  Thank you everyone for your continued support.

As far as little man, Carter, his BNP levels continue to be very high despite the round of diuretics to reduce the amount of fluid on his heart.  The doctors and nurses have all been working very hard to keep his levels within reasonable thresholds but today they came to the decision that they have to increase the level of Milrinone that he has been receiving.  Milrinone is a medication that strengthens the contractions of the heart and reduces the resistance against which the heart pumps.  It increases the amount of blood pumped out of the heart with each contraction.  (Thank you Dr. Steve for the description.)  While they are increasing the medication Carter has to be admitted to the Intensive Care Unit.  We hope that he is only in the ICU while they are administering and managing the increased levels of Milrinone and that he will be back in the regular pediatric ward in a day or so.

Carter continues to be in good spirits and has been enjoying the visit from his Grandma Robyn.

For the remainder of today please spread awareness for heart disease and pray that Carter is out of the ICU as soon as possible.

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