Monday, February 27, 2012

KristyJane Baby Clothes Auction to Support Carter Fund

Carter continues to recover day by day at Seattle Children's Hospital.  Today he even got to go on a little adventure outside.  His growing strength is inspirational.

The support that Carter and his whole family have received from friends and family has also been very inspirational.  This week, we have been blessed with a donation of beautiful handmade baby clothes from Kristy Lombardo.  Kristy is a family friend, and is originally from the same small northern California town where my family is from.  Kristy donated her time and skills in the design of these adorable outfits to be auctioned off to support the Carter Fund.  If you are interested in any of the outfits pictured below please send an email to me at and the amount that you would like to donate.  The outfit will go to the highest bid that is sent in by midnight March 8th.  The winners of each outfit will be notified on March 9.

1) Specially Designed Heart Awareness shirt and bib (1-2year)
2) Whale Onesie and Bib (12mo)
3) Bird Onesie (9-12mo)
4) Green Star Onesie (6-9mo)
5) Dark T Onesie (6-9mo)
6) Twitter Onesie (6-9mo)
7) Scull Onesie (12mo)

For more information on Kristy's designs you can go to her website,

Stylish. Practical. Fun
Handmade Baby Gear

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