Thursday, February 9, 2012

Birthday Wishes

Today is Carter's Birthday!  He has so much to celebrate today and all of his days to come.  Here are some wishes that have come in for Carter from friends and family.

To my Grandson Carter on his 2nd Birthday. You have received the best birthday present anyone could ever give you. All of us are so happy for you and love you so very much. I cannot wait to hold you in my arms again and read our book together. Love you so much little guy! - Grandma Robyn

Happy Birthday.  We love you and can't wait for you to come home. - Love Aunt Kim, Alexis, Jadyn, Ilijah, and Felix

Our Dear Grandson Carter, Happy Birthday!  We love you and will see you this afternoon!!! - Love Grandpa and Gramma Lori!!!

Happy 2nd Birthday to baby Carter, you are an inspiration too all of us.  God and his healing angels have blessed you with the gift of life, and we are grateful beyond words for that.  Faith can move mountains, thank you God for this miracle.  Can't wait to meet you one day little guy! - Your cousins Shae, Brenda, Andre, Eric and Nicky

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! You are the strongest, bravest boy I have ever met!  Have a wonderful amazing day! - Love Aunt Sam

Happy Birthday Carter! You are an amazing boy. Your courage and strength has inspired me beyond words. You are a miracle that will forever touch my heart! Sending my love and prayers to you on this wonderful day :) - Dan

Happy Birthday Carter - you are the most beautiful courageous and strongest 2-year-old.... You are a blessing to this world... I Love You Carter... again Happy Birthday and "MANY MANY MORE" !!! - Love your Aunt Tammy Laizure

Happy 2nd Birthday to the most brave little boy I know! I love you Carter and I hope you're home soon celebrating with your whole family!!! - Tasha, Cory, Garrett, and Chandler

Happy Birthday Carter!!! - Love Uncle Tod and Aunt Em

Happy Birthday buddy!!  We love you so much.  You are such a wonderful part of our lives and we are so happy God gave us the privilege to be a part of your family. You are so special and we can't wait to share many more birthdays with you. - Love you always, Uncle Seth, Aunt Tana, Logan, Jackie, and Willis

Happy Birthday Carter with many more to come! - Love Uncle Brian

... and MANY MORE!!!! From the bottom of my heart, Happy Birthday. - Love Aunt Melany

Wishing you, Carter, a very Happy Birthday. My prayers for you and your family always. I love you very much! - Aunt Julie

Sweet Carter, you are such a wonderful blessing.  Even before you were born you had my heart.  I am so thankful that you are in my life.  Thanks to you I have a renewed and stronger faith in God, greater than I ever had.  I don't think I could ever put into words how special you are.  You are a miracle, a very beautiful miracle.  You are the greatest blessing.  God must have an amazing plan for you!!! I love you so very much.  I miss you terribly.  I pray for you always and I'm so excited and filled with unspeakable joy that you were given a new life.  You are truly an inspiration!!!! Happy 2nd Birthday sweet boy! - Aunt Elisa

Happy Birthday Carter! Your a little beauty mate. A true champion! - Love always, Jason, Alison, Imogin, Judah and Shylah

Happy Birthday Carter!! I love you so much.  I miss you too much.  I've been wanting to see you forever since the day I left Washington.  I can't believe my baby cousin is turning 2 years old!!! I remember being with you when you were barely 5 months old just a baby :) Happy Birthday love.  Just remember I will always love you :). - Love Samantha Salazar

Dearest Carter, Happy Birthday to you little precious one.  You do not know me but I am your mommy's cousin Devin.  Although we have never met I want you to know you have been in my thoughts and prayers for the past two years.  I am just tickled pink that you have been given the gift of life.  I am sorry you had to go through everything you did... you are a strong little buddy and I can't wait to someday meet you!! To a new life!! - Love your 2nd cousins, Tim, Devin, Tristin and Trevor. xoxo.

Happy 2nd Birthday Carter, having family around the world means you get to celebrate your birthday a little early :) Carter you are such an amazing young man you have touched so many people all over the globe!  Your strength courage and fighting spirit blow me away! your cheeky dimpled grin is so adorable I love you xoxoxox.  We all wish you the happiest of Happy Birthdays.  Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday dear Carter Happy Birthday to you hip hip hooray hip hip hooray hooray!!! - Trish

Happy birthday wishes for the toughest, bravest, most loved and blessed little man I know. When you grow up you get to tell people that when you were 2 you got a new heart for your birthday. God bless you Carter. Your cousin Lisa loves you bunches. - Lisa Marie

Happy 2nd Birthday Carter, you are such a strong boy and we love you so much! - Love Abbie,Sarah,Jack and kids;)

Happy Birthday Carter! You are the strongest little man ever!!! I love you! - Sarah Hasch

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CARTER. You are the strongest little man... Many many wishes and hugs and kisses!! - Stephanie Mabrey

Happy Bday to a precious angel!! Sincerely with love. - Kindra and Family

Happy Birthday Carter.  So happy to hear about your new heart and wish you you many more birthdays :) - Don Dewey

Happy Birthday Carter!!! UR a blessing to the world. - Dustin Lees

Little Carter, you have no idea the affect you have had on people.  Even people that have never met you.  You must have an amazing purpose in life! You are a miracle that gives hope and builds faith in everyone around you.  Happy Birthday to an angel here on earth! - Angela DeArte

Special Happy Birthday wishes to Carter. - Raymie and her mom Karen

Happy Birthday Carter and many many more.  We love you. - Mark and Jolyn Credell

Happy Birthday!!!!!! Carter hoping you having an amazing day! - Randy Mason

Happy 2nd Birthday!  Hope your day is AMAZING!!  Praying for you every day! - Love, The Hane Family!

Happy Birthday Carter!!!! I want you to know that we love you and are so proud of you. You have been such a trooper thru out your whole process. I can't wait to watch you grow, run, and love life. Happy Birthday buddy enjoy your day and give mommy a big hug. - Kristen Croy

Happy Birthday Carter! You are a very special little boy and I keep you in my prayers daily. - Teresa Finkenkeller

Special Birthday Wishes to Carter. Happy Birthday to you with all our love. - Karen and Raymie

Happy, Happy Birthday Carter...Wishing you a wonderful day and a wonderful life little man..God has bless you with the greatest gift ever, enjoy your new beginning...Love and Prayer's coming your way always. - Roberta Simon

Happy Birthday Carter!! I have never met you but you hold a special place in my heart and it makes me so incredibly happy that you got your miracle!!!! Here's to many, many more Happy Birthdays!!! - Amber McClure

Happy Birthday Carter! Although I have never met you, just by hearing the wonderful stories and the events you have been through I can tell you are a strong and precious little boy who holds a special place in many hearts including mine. I'm so happy God blessed you and your family with the greatest birthday gift of all, a new beginning! I hope you have a spectacular birthday and many more to come! - Adrena Byers

Happy Birthday to the strongest little guys in this world. Happy birthday Carter. - From the Long family! Amber Stone

Happy Birthday, Carter!!! - Lydia Keeler

Happy Birthday Carter!!!!!! Now your heart can keep up with your spirit!!!! Still praying for you!!! - Lynette Gallagher

Happy Birthday, Carter! Much love. - Kotschwar's


Happy Birthday Carter.  May all your dreams and wishes come true.  You will forever be in my prayers and in my heart.  Many, many heartfelt birthday wishes to you.  With many more to come.  - Connie, Chano and Julian

Happy Birthday Carter. We may not have met but thanks to your awesome Aunt I have came to know you and became one of your biggest fans. Your enduring strength inspires me. - Jamie and Erick

Happy 2nd Birthday Carter!! Your an amazing little boy, hope your birthday is filled with love, laughter and celebration! Wishing you a year of healing and happiness. - The Swinney Lyme Kingdom :)

Happy Birthday baby. - Kareena

Happy Birthday lil Carter! U are truly blessed! Have  a great Birthday! - Isidro Ramirez and Family


  1. Happy 2nd Birthday Carter!! A precious gift for a precious little boy. You are such a strong boy. I hope you are home soon and celebrating with your family. Loves, Chris, Debbie, Kacey and Kenzie!! :)

  2. Happy Birthday, sweet boy. You get up and around so we can CELEBRATE!!!
    Love, Grandma Monica, Papa Dale, and Uncle Cameron