Friday, February 17, 2012

Carter on the Move

It has been a little over a week since Carter's surgery.  Everyday brings new blessings.  Last week we were overjoyed at the pink color in Carter's skin indicating a healthy blood and oxygen flow throughout his entire little body.  This week we get to celebrate the fact that Carter is unplugged and unrestricted from connections and tubes providing him with constant medication and/or feeding the doctors and nurses with stats and vitals 24x7.  Of course, on occasion they still need to utilize his PICC line to administer medication when needed, and check his vitals regularly, but he isn't constrained to the bed anymore.  That freedom coupled with his increase in energy and strength meant that just yesterday Teresa and Erick were able to take Carter on a walk around the hospital unit!  Watch out, Carter is mobile!  Everyday he is growing stronger and is recovering steadily.  He is still in the ICU but there is increasing hope that he won't be there much longer.  Along with daily progress there are also minor areas of concern, but those are to be expected.  The goal is to slowly reduce those areas of concern and continue to allow him to grow back to full strength.  By the time he leaves the hospital he should be stronger than he has ever been. 

Thank you as always for your continued support and prayers.  And on a final note, I personally pray that Teresa and Erick soon realize how mobile Carter is and that he starts getting into everything and being as rambunctious a toddler as he can be. I hope his parents get to realize him in the "Terrible Twos"... getting into everything and running all over the house with endless energy!

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