Sunday, May 27, 2012

Carter Update-- A Little Over 3 Months Post Transplant

On February 7th this year, Carter received the life saving gift of a heart and underwent heart transplant surgery.  And on the 29th of February he was released from Seattle Children's Hospital and allowed to go home to begin his long recovery.  It has been just over three months since his surgery, and nearly three months since he has been home.  Teresa and Erick continue to redefine what is normal for their family.  Because of Carter's sensitive immune system, they had to take their other two children out of school to reduce the risk of introducing germs into the household.  This meant that Teresa and Erick simultaneously took on the responsibilities of home care for Carter and home schooling for Madison and Clinton.  In spite of the new challenges that appear nearly every day, Teresa, Erick, and the entire family are so very blessed to have Carter at home.  Carter continues to have to make frequent trips to Seattle Children's Hospital to monitor his condition and to manage the ever present risk of rejection of the transplanted heart.  He has his ups and downs, good days, and bad days, but every day is a gift!  Teresa and Erick try to stay positive, but have learned that even though the transplant surgery was successful, they will have to fight for Carter's health on a daily basis.  In spite of these ongoing challenges Carter is a happy boy who is having fun with his brother, sister, and his cousins.  Teresa and Erick want to make sure that anyone that follows this story know that they are so very gracious for your continued support and prayers.

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