Wednesday, February 22, 2012

2 Week Post Transplant

It is a little over 2 weeks since Carter had his transplant.  We are so very happy that he is out of the ICU and is on the regular ward floor.  He was able to see Madison and Clinton this last weekend, but unfortunately Clinton was sick so his weekend trip was cut short.  He couldn't be at the hospital with Carter when he was sick, and he couldn't be at the Ronald McDonald House because of the families and children with sensitive immune systems.  These types of restrictions are unfortunately going to be a part of everyday life for Carter and his entire family.

Carter continues to have his ups and downs but is improving everyday.  Just the other day he went for a walk around the ward!  He continues to get more and more active and is returning to his smiling happy self.

Meanwhile, Teresa and Erick are being tested to learn all of the medications that Carter will have to take on a daily basis.  As part of the anti-rejection routine, Carter will have to be regularly medicated throughout his lifetime.  For now we all continue to be thankful for the daily blessings and pray for his continued improvement.

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