Saturday, January 21, 2012

Ups and Downs

The last couple of days have certainly had their ups and downs for Carter.  His mommy and daddy are both reporting that Carter isn't eating but that his belly is bloated and he keeps throwing up.  The nurses and doctors are taking steps to determine if he is sick with a bug of some kind or if it is something else.  As of right now they are convinced that it isn't a bug but that perhaps he is "backed up".  Regardless of the cause, he is losing valuable weight and is currently being given fluids through an IV and if he doesn't start eating tomorrow they will most likely have to give him a feeding tube.  Because he hasn't been eating his kidney levels have increased and his BNP levels, the indicators of degree of heart failure, were up as well.  Since they put IV fluids in him those levels have decreased and are manageable again.  Teresa and Erick are certainly learning that each day will bring new frustrations but also need to remember that each smile is a blessing.  

Also of note, this week the Seattle area received "record setting" snow.  I use the " " because anyone reading this outside of the Seattle area will be surprised that the city can shut down with 1 foot of snow, but trust me it can, and did.  This is frustrating for anyone, but it had unique frustrations for Teresa, Erick, and other family members.  First, gotta give a big shout out and awesome award to my sister Kimberly, who is helping Teresa and Erick out by taking Madison and Clinton during the school week so they can keep as normal a routine as possible.  This on top of caring for the four children of her own.  Well, with the snow, this week there was no school which meant that Kimberly had six lil' childrens runnin' round the house causin' a good ole ruckus.  Thankfully, the roads are finally all cleared and Teresa was able to make it home to Mount Vernon, and was able to pick up Madison and Clinton to spend the weekend with them in Seattle to visit Carter.  The doctors have told Teresa that they joy that Carter experiences when Clinton and Madison around is off the charts and truly does help with his health.

Here is wishing all of you happiness, health, and more ups than downs.

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  1. I have been praying for Carter and his family since i first heard of his conditon, through Pat Thomas, the prayers will continue from me and my dog group. we have prayer every week, for Carter and even the times that he has a bad spell, i am beleiving in a Carter Miracle of a new heart for him.
    Janice Nyitrai