Tuesday, January 24, 2012

2nd Week Update

It has now been two weeks since Carter was admitted to Seattle Children's Hospital. We have a good news update from the most current post, Carter is eating on his own and all foods and liquids are staying down! That is a major improvement over where he was just a few days ago. This means no yucky feeding tube for now and a decrease in the need to be admitted to the Intensive Care Unit. This means that Carter's days are as "normal" as possible, he can play, have visitors, and go on walks when he feels up to it. He is doing as well as can be expected and is in relatively high spirits. He has gotten some visitors in the hospital and that really boosts his spirits. Even family that can't physically come in to see him have been able to video chat with him. Carter LOVES to hold Teresa's phone and see who is talking to him. I personally made the mistake of showing him a Hershey's Bar and a Coke while we chatted last night. That apparenly upset him because he wanted some. Sorry Teresa and Erick! As always, your thoughts, prayers and support are greatly appreciated. God Bless.

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