Monday, January 16, 2012

First Week

So, It has been about a week since Carter was admitted to Seattle Children's to wait for his donor heart.  This week a lot has happened.  Teresa and Erick have been great about trying to keep everyone informed as to Carter's condition, but it can be hard to keep everyone up to date.  This week Carter was moved from the Intensive Care Unit to the regular hospital floor after he received his PICC line.  The PICC line is essential in his care because it provides a more direct flow of medications to his heart as opposed to a standard IV.  As can be expected he is being constantly monitored by the great Doctors and Nurses at Children's and his medication has changed a bit throughout the week to address different needs.  Currently I believe he is on 4 different types of medication to manage his heart rate and blood pressure as well as to manage his iron. 

Teresa and Erick were able to bring down Madison and Clinton for the weekend to visit their brother.  That was a huge morale boost for the whole family.  Teresa and Erick have also been allowed a room at the Ronald McDonald house.  This wonderful organization provides lodging for families who have to be with their child while receiving long term medical care.  Apparently, they have a nice sized room that will accommodate them as well as Madison and Clinton when they are able to be with them in Seattle.  They also have a kitchen and a refrigerator which helps to keep mommy and daddy fed on more than cheap hospital coffee and food from the vending machines.  Carter's condition is one that truly impacts the whole family!

I think that this week has been about settling in, getting used to being in the hospital for Teresa, Erick, Carter and getting Madison and Clinton on a routine.  So many people are helping out and Teresa and Erick are very thankful for everything! 

Your kind thoughts and prayers are always welcome.

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